Midnight Murderama Podcast: Web Copy, One Sentence Summary for Promotional Material

Murderama Podcast Website, Web Copy

Client: Midnight Murderama Podcast

Objective: This short copy needed to convey tone, style, voice, as well as information all in one (admittedly long) sentence. The client needed this quick and clear sentence to run on social media and brief soundbites used to promote the podcast.

The creator and lead host of the podcast directed me that he needed “A one-sentence summary of the podcast for social media promos.”

The main challenge here was to get across all the various tonal and content information that I needed to get across in just one sentence. But at the same time, that sentence needed to be not overburdened with information, so that it could still have room to persuade reluctant listeners to give the podcast a chance.

Audience: I was directed to write this copy with a young adult focused male and female audience. That millennial sweet-spot, who are taste-makers and content sharers/interactors.

Being a short, twitter-friendly promotional sentence, this content needed to be clear, concise, and memorable.

Results: I probably struggled the most on this of the 3 assignments I did for Lead Deals Productions. I am used to working in longer formats, and found myself constantly having to edit down what I wrote.

Ultimately, I loved the challenge of trying to convey so much with so little word count. Forcing oneself to write so briefly is a useful exercise in teaching a writer was is and is not necessary in their copy.

Summary: Included is a google doc containing the copy for a horror film podcast’s social media-friendly 1 sentence summary. 

Link to the Google Doc of this project