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Jump Scares: Cheap Thrills or Legitimate Chills?

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If there is one fight worth having about horror in 2019, it’s in regard to jump scares. They are quite possibly the most divisive trope in the horror filmmaker’s repertoire. Sometimes called “cheap”, “easy,” or “annoying,” jump scares are down-right loathed or avoided by an increasingly vocal subset of horror fans.

Which begs the question: where did horror movie jump scares come from…

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Midnight Murderama Podcast Horror Film Blog Episode 2: The Evil Dead

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“Just What is a Cult Horror Film?: Or A Vacation to the South is Kinda Like a Descent Into the Underworld”

But what does it mean to specifically be a cult classic in the horror genre, and what does The Evil Dead do to achieve this status?

Well, for me a cult horror film separates itself from simply low budge horror films in three ways…

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The Enormously Tall Monsters That Shake The Ground When They Come

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Early morning is a gray thing in Appalachia, cast shadows of the sloping hills bleed into the languid mists that settle in the Shenandoah valley at this time of year. Almost too still in how they move sometimes. As if the brown and red and orange leaves of the trees are rolling past you, pushing the mountains like old man backs past the ground fog. And the light that filters through, when it can filter through, makes it hard to see what walks in the distance. Almost lets nomads like us forget the enormously tall monsters that shake the ground when they come…

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