V|BOA: Email Announcement

Web Copy

Client: VirtualBOA – Veterans and Active Military Affinity Group Project

Objective: I was tasked with developing an email announcement for a call center regarding their new program providing affinity groups for service veterans. This specific task called for a abbreviated version of the more detailed informative web page I made for V/BOA.

The useful learning opportunity here was in the challenge of making a very direct, information-heavy, short amount of content even more brief and direct, while still containing the same amount of content.

Audience: I wrote this copy with a very specific audience in mind: VirtualBOA employees who are also in some way connected to this military. Given that I was reaching this audience via email, I decided to utilize bullet points, a generous use of white space through line breaks, and sub-headers/images to draw attention and interest from the reader.

Results: This project was a great exercise in generate similar content in different contexts. It allowed me to work on editing down my language and prioritizing information.

Summary: Included is a google doc containing the copy for a announcement email outlining a Veteran Affinity program at Virtual Business Office Associates. There is an introduction, about section, a list of services, and a contact section.

Link to Google Doc of this Project