Midnight Murderama Podcast: Web Copy, About Page

Murderama Podcast Website, Web Copy

Client: Midnight Murderama Podcast

Objective: For this specific copy, the client’s instructions were precise, including some specific wording needed for a description of the podcast and its creators, but was clear in needing the style and tone of the podcast to come through.

The creator and lead host of the podcast directed me that he “needed write ups about the podcast to be used on the website” and “A multi-paragraph bio to be used in the “About Us” section of the website and on any press releases.”

The main challenge here was to get across all the various tonal and content information that I needed to get across regarding the feel of the podcast, while also reading clearly and succinctly.

Audience: I was directed to write this copy with a young adult focused male and female audience. That millennial sweet-spot, who are taste-makers and content sharers/interactors.

While the horror genre can often skew male, what sets this podcast apart is its embracing of multiple viewpoints. This, along with the research-heavy, academic based comedic approach, were necessary to be fore-fronted in the About Us section.

Hopefully this bit of copy allowed for the target audience to feel just as funny, academic, and knowledgeable as the podcast aims to be.

Results: This project allowed me to stretch my stylistic writing muscles and to really push the voice and tone to account for its specific audience. I used other successful podcast About pages as a baseline to take what I thought was working well, and leave off some of the less effective bits.

I enjoyed being able to use a little horror-film specific language and references and have bit of a playful voice.

Summary: Included is a google doc containing the copy for a horror film podcast’s web site About page. There is an introduction, explanation of content section, and a presentation of all three hosts of the show.

Link to the Google Doc of this Project