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“The Nun: A Repressed History of Religion and Violence”

I’m not the type of viewer to just off-handedly assign a number for how good a movie is, or to quickly state if it is something as subjective and meaningless as good or bad. Almost every film I have ever seen has redeeming qualities and moments that fell short of expectation. The Nun is no different. I want to look at this movie by examining its monster, the demon Valak; its strongest element, the setting; and its use of Catholicism.

To start, turns out Sister Valak is not complete bullshit. I mean, she’s bullshit like any other made up stuff is bullshit, but it looks like writer Gary Dauberman (co-writer of 2017’s IT) drew on some inspiration from a “real” demon. According to the Munich Manual of Demonic Magic, Valak (spelled Volach), is described as a “winged boy riding a two-headed dragon, attributed with the power of…” dowsing (a supernatural ability to find groundwater, gems, ore, or metals in the ground)…

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