Midnight Murderama Podcast: Web Copy, Podcast Summary for Show Intro/Social Media Description

Murderama Podcast Website, Web Copy

Client: Midnight Murderama Podcast

Objective: This copy needed to combine the brevity from the one sentence, social media-friendly piece I wrote for this same client, along with some of the more evocative voice and tone used in the longer form About page.

The creator and lead host of the podcast directed me that he needed “A one-paragraph summary of the podcast for the intro paragraph of the podcast and the “Description” field on most social media.”

To me this meant the copy needed to be entertaining, attention-grabbing, evocative of tone and style consistent with the podcast itself, and informative enough to tell the audience what they will be committing an hour of their day to.

The main challenge here was to make this copy work as both an actual opening script for the beginning of the podcast, as well an informative and entertaining summary for the description field on social media sites.

Audience: I was directed to write this copy with a young adult focused male and female audience. That millennial sweet-spot, who are taste-makers and content sharers/interactors.

Being both an intro to the podcast, as well as most likely the first thing new listeners would both read and hear, I made sure to use as horror-film-friendly language and imagery as possible.

I wanted to take a slightly interested, horror-curious audience, and turn them into an audience who can’t wait to argue with the podcast’s hosts about minutia involving the genre. I did this by choosing diction and syntax to highlight the tradition of horror storytelling and give the readers a sample of the sort of discourse to come.

Results: I had a lot of fun with this one. I think it came out quite effective. While the one sentence assignment felt a bit short for my style, and the longer form felt too open-ended, this length was just right. Much like bear beds.

Ultimately, I loved the challenge of trying to write one bit of copy that could be applied to a duo of separate objectives.

Summary: Included is a google doc containing the copy for a horror film podcast’s paragraph-length summary and podcast intro paragraph. 

Link to the Google Doc of this project